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PythonicAPI Examples

These examples use the improved VTK Python interface.

The examples here are either newly crafted ones or upgraded existing Python examples using the improved VTK Python interface.

See More Pythonic VTK wrapping for the VTK Discourse discussion and Wrap VTK properties to pythonic properties with snake_case names for the merge request.

Upgrading an existing example to use the improved VTK Python interface

  1. Copy the example from the src/Python folder into the src/PythonicAPI folder maintaining the same path structure. If there is a corresponding markdown file, copy it.
  2. Copy the corresponding test image from src/Testing/Baseline/Python/ into src/Testing/Baseline/PythonicAPI/
  3. Edit src/, possibly creating a table and headings to match the original example in src/Python.
  4. Upgrade the Python example.
  5. The associated markdown file (if any) may need checking to ensure any links in the document remain valid.
  6. Check everything is working and do a Merge Request.

Adding a new example

Follow the documented procedure ForDevelopers remembering that the folder to use is PythonicAPI.

VTK Classes Summary

This Python script, SelectExamples, will let you select examples based on a VTK Class and language. It requires Python 3.7 or later. The following tables will produce similar information.

Hello World

Example Name Description Image
A hello world example Cylinder example from the VTK Textbook and source code. A hello world example.